Pics of Users Aneros mods here. Usual disclaimers apply, at your own risk etc..
I also suggest to get used to your new unit before doing anything at all.

Also I will say that any pics I publish here are public domain, if anyone wants to rip these pics or the text feel free, just use the info responsibly.

3 Aneros units showing the curly handle removal mod.

Other variations of this mod are out there by other users - I believe some have sanded right back to the stem but for my purposes this would probably just hit fewer of those nerve endings!

Some guys have used shears to cut. Whilst this is probably safe enough to do I prefer to use a junior hacksaw, a file and 2 grades of wet dry paper to finish. My reason for this mod is that I can now lie on my back, sit back in my recliner or just move around without catching the handle.

Anyone have any interesting variations on this would like to mail me a pic I'll publish it here.


Ok here's another mod sent to me by BC. It shows the hot glue helix mod. Here in BC's own words..

"Here is my aneros mod. It is a helix with hot glue on the abutment
tab, which creates more direct pressure on the perineum. The helix
never put much pressure with the default abutment tab, and the hot
glue is nice, since it leaves the aneros in the factory state, and
adjustments can be made by just removing the hot glue and redoing it.
Obviously the handle is cut off and sanded down."

Thanks BC. I'm going to try this one myself.